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Devops/System Engineer

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I am a budding devops/system engineer building my experience daily and focused to providing the highest quality service and expertise.

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  • Name: James Anderson
  • Date of birth: 24 June 1983
  • Nationality: American
  • Address: 592 Circle Cove
    Lehi, 84043 UT
  • Email: jander924@gmail.com
  • Phone: (801) 420-4969

Who am I?

You can find me most days spending time with my beautiful wife, 2 little girls, and my new son. I have always been interested in technology and loved building computers in my youth and being the expert for family and friends. I spent some time searching other career/educational paths until ultimately I found my way back to the things I love. Over the last 10 years as my family has grown I have spent all my time with a great company and building my knowledge of website design, programming, information technology and systems. I have been going to school, for what feels like forever, as I have worked full time, but love learning and becoming expert in as many subjects as possible.

Outside of my career and educational motivations I love playing video games, and golfing. I would consider myself a conservative nerd, but can geek out with the best of them. I enjoy learning new technologies, researching and implementing new software on my home and cloud servers. I am a expert in weight loss and gain, love good food, love to laugh and find great TV series and movies as well as watching football and basketball. Last, but not least, I love God and my Savior and love the restored Gospel.



Dedicated and ambitious Devops and System Engineer. Experienced contributor and leader of technical support, site design, and SEO

2014 / FEB - Present

National Marketing Resource (NMR)

Devops/System Engineer
Lehi, UT

Manage servers and applications in both physical locations and cloud. Managed domain resources and DNS servers using PDNS, BIND and other registrar interfaces. Responsible for mail servers using Mail Enable, Zimbra, and Sendmail/Postfix. On Call 24/7 to provide security, monitoring and responded to threats at the network and server level. Responsible for 14 physical servers and 50+ different cloud servers. Worked with department heads, project managers, and developers to fulfill end product deployment. Managed and setup environments for applications on Linux and windows environments starting with install of operating system(Centos, RHEL, Ubuntu, Windows), and environment software depending on what was being installed on the server(Apache, PHP, Ruby, etc.). Provided ongoing updates and support for virtual and physical hardware by logging onto the server through CLI updating installed software to keep current with changes and updating configuration files through CLI text editors. Updated hardware resources by scaling up disk space, RAM, CPU and any other hardware as needed.
Researched wide range of applications to provide information and understanding to the opportunities each provided. Regularly provided with new technologies and required to learn, support, deploy and operate them ongoing such as developed in-house software, HAProxy, Galera Clusters, PDNS, Nagios and more. I was responsible for researching the software exploring its configuration to get the performance we wanted and then required to implement the software and its dependencies on the server and provide ongoing support for issues that may have been presented during its lifetime on the server. Developed scripts for server management using BASH/Shell scripts. Worked with several programming languages such as Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, C#, and C++. Making changes to code both at source and server side to fix minor issues or quick updates to fix bugs, or to fix functionality of application or site. Experienced database management through interface (PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Server) and command line using MYSQL and PostgreSQL. Provided drawdown of operations and archival solutions for future use. Heavy use of Apache, Mongrel, and Passenger. Working heavily with configuration of the applications to get the performance we needed out of the machine and out of the application. Firewall management both through OS and hardware specific applications. Set up and managed environments for Ruby, PHP, and Java, and deployed applications through Git, Bitbucket, and other code repositories.

2010 / Mar - 2014 / Feb

NMR & Professional Marketing International (PMI)

Tech. Support & Marketing Coach Manager
Lehi, UT

Managed between 12 - 20 agents responsible for the support of the company's products, and the technical support for those products and any technical issues that customers may have had. Responsible for hiring and training new agents and ongoing training for the team. Integrated new product deployment by researching and becoming expert on the product and exploring potential support issues. Worked with IT to implement phone tree recordings, call routing and structure. Improved team performance and sales through incentives, goals, regular reviews, and statistics.
Worked with local and international third party companies for support with their products. Worked with reporting tools and personal spread sheet formulas and macros to produce weekly, quarterly, and annual reporting of team performance to management and company.

2007 / Aug - 2010 / Mar


Tech. Support & Marketing Coach
Lehi, UT

Inbound/outbound phone support for websites built using company Content management software (CMS) and other third party solutions. Worked with web languages such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and some PHP. Responsible for building and designing websites. Created templates, banners, and other site layout features using Photoshop & GIMP. Helped customers become successful with their websites through SEO marketing strategies to improve organic search results, social media online presence, and paid strategies. Responsible for offering upsell opportunities which paid commissions. Provided detailed FAQ's, knowledge base, and walkthroughs to assist clients on and off the phone and improve technical support team and customer experience

"I LOVE IT!!!! I love my banner and layout. Thank you for going the extra mile and making my site look great. This is the first step to success and I look forward to the next steps."

Debra Cufaude - bbq-smokersandmore.com

"James is a trusted and hard working employee. He was trusted with many projects and relationships within and outside of the company. He provided our company with outstanding service"

National Marketing Resource

"I feel confident that Robert has the skills to manage any size event. His eye for great design and effective planning is a winning combination for a job in marketing and webdesign."




My educational background from high school till university.

2010 / Jan - 2014 / Dec

Utah Valley University

Associate in Science - IT/IS (3.88 GPA)

Continuing education towards bachelors degree. Classes in Linux/Windows system administration, networking and system architecture, database management, security fundamentals, and programming in C#, C++, HTML/CSS, and BASH/Shell Scripting

2005 / Sept - 2007 / June

Provo College

Pharmacy Technician Certification (3.8 GPA)

Received a 2 year certification when I was planning a future in medicine. Classes included pharmacology, anatomy & physiology, clinical basics, and internships as a pharmacy technician.

1997 / Sept - 2001 / May

Grantsville High School

High School Graduate (3.5 GPA)

Participated in drama, orchestra, show choir and band. Competing in yearly drama and orchestra competitions. Performed in many plays including "Annie Get Your Gun" as Buffalo Bill, "A Christmas Story" as Narrorator, and "Curious Savage" as Hannibal.

My Skills


I am absolutely passionate about simple yet sophisticated user experience that I, and my clients, are very proud of.

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    1. BIND
    2. PDNS
    3. Registrars - Godaddy, Network Solutions, ENOM, DynDNS.
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    1. MySQL and PostgreSQL
    2. PHPMyAdmin & MySQL Server
    3. Internal and External connections
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    Web Design

    1. Banner
    2. Template
    3. Coded from Scratch HTML/CSS
    4. CMS - Wordpress, Joomla, StoresOnline, and more
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    • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, C#, C++
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Collection of banners, websites, and other previous projects.


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